Getting On (1987)

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Alan Bennett

Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round
Main house (Round)

24 June 1987
24 June 1987
16 September 1987
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Company Details


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Deputy Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Manager:
Robin Herford
Mick Thomas
Clare Bracewell
Paul Todd

Duncan Lewis
David Parker
David O'Neill
Braco Dawson
Kate Haswell
George Oliver, MP
Geoff Price
Polly Oliver
Brian Lowther, MP
Enid Baker
Andy Oliver
Mrs Brodribb
Malcolm Hebden
John Skitt
Lesley Meade
Michael Roberts
Ellen Sheean
Brian Shelley
Penny Bunton


This production of Getting On, a play first produced in 1971, marked the first time a play by Alan Bennett was produced by the Scarborough company.
The production was originally scheduled to close on 2 September. However, such was the demand for tickets that the final week of Stewart Parker's Spokesong was cancelled and replaced by an extra week of Getting On from 10 - 16 September.
The posters for the main-house shows during the summer 1987 (Spokesong, Getting On and Henceforward…) all share a motif of a bike chain-link within the image design - at the instigation of the press officer Russ Allen. To this day, no-one else who has worked at the theatre at the time (or subsequently) appears to have ever known what the purpose of this was for three completely unrelated plays. It is also doubtful whether anyone actually noticed!
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd. Image copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust